Spring & Outdoor Show

2017 Spring & Outdoor Show

Kawartha Spring & Outdoor Home Show, Ontario, Kawartha

March 17th, 18th & 19th, 2017.

If you are looking forward to tackling some projects around the house once warmer weather arrives, This Week's 2017 Spring Home and Outdoor Show at the Lindsay Fairgrounds is the place to be.

The ever-popular event is the biggest of its kind in the area with more than 150 vendors offering the latest renovation products and services.

Visit us:
Friday March 17th from 3pm – 8pm
Saturday March 18th from 9am – 5pm
Sunday March 19th from 10am – 3pm

2017 Spring & Outdoor Show Exhibitors

Accurate Contracting Services                        accuratecontractingservices@hotmail.com

Allstate Insurance                                              www.allstate.ca

Bathfitter                                                             www.bathfitter.net

Backyard Builds Inc                                           www.backyardbuilds.com

BDO Canada Inc                                                  www. bdodebthelp.ca

Berts Appliance Inc                                            www.bertsappliances.ca

Bills Quality Pest Control                                   705-878-1616

Bonivan Windows                                               clarkx5@nexicom.net

British Empire Fuels                                            www.climatecontrollers.ca

Brock Built-in Specialists                                     www.brockbuiltin.ca

BTW Electronic Parts                                          www.btw-electronics.ca

Cable Cable                                                           www.cablecable.net

Callaghan Farm Supply                                      www.callaghanfarmsupply.com

Canadian Tire Lindsay                                         www.canadiantire.ca

Cardinal Coach Tours                                          www.cardinalcoachtours.ca

 Carol Waite/Patricia Boyd                                  www. Carolwaite.com; www. patriciaboyd.ca

Cindy Ray/ Sheilagh Dean                                    www.cindyray.ca

Coldwell Banker RMR                                            www.cbrmr.com

Cosmo’s Smoked Meats Ltd                                www.cosmossmokedmeats.com

Costco Wholesale                                                  www.costco.ca

Dalemar Sales Service Parts & Rentals              www.dalemar.ca

Dave’s Quality Pest Control                                 www.davesqualitypestcontrol.ca

Davidson Home Improvements                          www.dhiconstruction.ca

Deep Green Lawn Care & Landscaping              www.dglawncare.com

Doans Overhead Doors                                         www.doansoverheaddoors.com

Dogwatch of Southern Ontario Inc                     www.dogwatchontario.ca

Ductwise Duct Cleaning Inc                                  www.ductwise .com

Dream View Enclosures Inc                                 www.hitchings.ca     www.dreamviewenclosures.com

Durable Fence                                                         www.durable-fence.com

Easy Frame Docks                                                   www.easyframedocks.com

Ed Powell Landscape                                             www.lindsaylandscaper.ca

Envirotech Insulation & Electrical                       www.envirotechinsulation.ca

Ethic Tree Creations                                              www.ethictreecreations.com

Feeney Roofing Inc                                                 www.feeneyroofing.ca

For The Birds Bird Seed Company                         www.forthebirdsbirdseed.ca]

Frost Whetter Oaklin Insurance                           www.fwoins.ca

Garry’s Garden Gallery                                          www. garrysgardengallery.ca

Gazebos by Creative Landscaping                         www.gazebosbycreativelandscaping.ca

Geco Industries                                                         www.geco.ca

The Imrie Group                                                       www.imriegroup.ca

Gospel Focus                                                            balsamnorth@gmail.com

Green Tractors Inc                                                   www.greentractors.ca

Heat Wave Pools & Spas                                        www.heatwavepoolsandspas.com

Hunt 4 Dreams Reality                                            www.hunt4dreams.com

Home Building Center Lindsay                 www.kawarthahomehardware.ca/lindsay-building-centre

Lindsay Home Design Center                             www.kawarthahomehardware.ca/lindsay-design-centre

Lindsay Home Hardware                                  www.kawarthahomehardware.ca/lindsay-home-hardware

Homestead Oxygen                                                     www.homesteadoxygen.ca

Integrated Solutions                                                    www.isptbo.ca

Invisible Fence                                                            www.seontario.invisiblefence.com

Jackson Water Conditioning                                        www.jacksonwater.ca   

Team Joy / Remax All-Stars                                            www.teamjoy.ca

John Pollard / Remax All-Stars                                       www.johnpollard.ca

Jordan Repairs                                                                  www.jordanrepairs.com

Kawartha Blinds                                                               www.kawarthablinds.com

Kawartha Clean Air & Burning Sensations                   www.kawarthacleanair-burningsensations.com

Kawartha Custom Interlock                                           www.kawarthacustom.com

Kawartha Curb & Landscape                                          www.kawarthacurbandlandscape.ca

K.D Cloth                                                                            705-536-0404

Kearns Tree Service                                                          www.kearnstreeservice.com

Kitchen Design Studio                                                      www.kitchendesignstudios.ca

Leaf Filter North of Canada Inc                                      www.leaffilter.com

Legacy Custom Design                                                      www.legacycustomedesign.com

Lifestyle Sunrooms Inc                                                      www.lifestylesunrooms.com

Lions District A-16                                                              www.lionsa16family.org

Lindsay Buick GMC                                                             www.lindsaybuick.ca

Lindsay KIA                                                                           www.lindsaykia.ca

Link Climate Control                                                           www.linkclimatecare.com

Midtown Mattress                                                              705-878-9722

Mincom Plus Realty                                                            www.kawarthalakesrealty.ca

Ministry of Labour                                                              www.ontario.ca

Mobilewave                                                                          www.mobilewave.net

Molly Maid                                                                           www.mollymaid.ca

Munro’s Drywall & Contracting                                             www.munrosdrywall.ca

Nortech Home Improvements                                               www.nortechwindows.com

One Landscape Inc                                                                   www.onelandscape.ca

Penny Farms                                                                               www.wildbirdseed.ca

Pest Arrest                                                                                  www.pestarrest.ca

Peterborough Refrigeration                                                    www.peterboroughrefrigeration.com

Pineneedle Farms                                                                     www.pineneedlefarms.ca

Pirates Pizza of Beaverton                                                       piratespizza@live.com

Prestige Window & Door                                                         www.prestigewindowssunrooms.com

Pride Marine Group Ltd                                                           www.pridemarinegroup.com

Pro Home Solutions                                                                  www.prohomesolutions.ca

RS2000 Tax Consultants                                                           www.rs2000tax.com

Robert J Waskul & Associates                                                 www.traffixvinyle.ca

Rosemount Memorial Gardens                                              www.rosemountmemorial.com

Scentsy                                                                                        http://ginamasters.scentsy.ca

Screen Doctor                                                                            www.doctorscreen.com

Stewart Morrison Insurance                                                   www.stewartmorrison.ca

Student Works Painting                                                           www.studentworks.com

Sunlight Solutions                                                                      www.sunlightsolution.ca

Swiss Fudge                                                                                www.cdnbeernutcompany.com

Techno  Metal Post Kawartha                                                 www.technometalpost.com

The Gardenin Guy                                                                    the.gardenin.guy@rogers.com

The Generator Centre                                                             info@thegeneratorcentre.com

The Co-operators                                                                       www.cooperators.ca

CST Canada / Ultramar                                                             www.ultramarcst.ca

Upper Canada Fuel & Burner                                                  www.uppercanadafuelandburner.com

Victoria Feeds / Horse & Hound                                            www.victoriafeedsthehorseandhound.com

Value Propane                                                                            www.valuepropane.ca

Water World Pools                                                                     www.waterworldpools.ca

Weeds Be Gone                                                                         info@weedsbegone.com

White Pine Antiques & Collectables                                      kathleenchester@icloud.com

Whitney  Plastics                                                                           www.whitneyplastics.ca

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